AMD Radeon Vega!!! Ay or Nay ?

Let’s talk about new line of Radeon graphics that are soon to be released.

What is Radeon Vega?

Radeon Vega is all new, most advanced AMD GPU ever created. It uses second generation High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) used in new, worlds most advanced way. The Vega GPU features a revolutionary memory controller capable of  leveraging system memory, flash-based SSDs and new storage-class memory types to create incredible new possibilities for gaming, design, and compute analysis workloads.

Main features of Vega

Turbocharged computing
The Vega GPU introduces the Next-Gen Compute Unit that is highly optimised for incredible peak throughput across a range of data types. This NCU makes it possible to deliver higher clock speeds and higher instructions per clock resulting in up to 2X throughput increase over previous designs.

Next gen Pixel engine
The Next-Gen Pixel Engine found in the Vega GPU is designed to boost shading performance more efficiently to bring the latest VR and  extreme resolution games to life.

Freesync 2 Ready
Get ready to experience smooth brilliant HDR gaming with Vega. Enjoy vibrant HDR content while eliminating image tears and choppiness for effortlessly smooth gameplay.3 4
Low Frame-Rate Compensation, Low Latency, Plug and Play and HDR Ready. That’s FreeSync™ 2.

Overall – we are very excited for this new graphics card line and it’s a definite “YES” from us! We remember when AMD released AMD R9 Fury X, it was matching performance of Nvidia GTX 980Ti, offered liquid cooling out of the box, with price lower by £300 on average.

This time Radeon is aiming to outperform Nvidia’s GTX 1080Ti in same price field.
Seeing Radeon to ditch the colour red and moving to all new blue/yellow coloured design for Vega graphics cards, adds few points to our excitement. We cant wait to get our hands on one of those cards and perform real life tests.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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