Liquid damage and digital devices!

Today we decided to let you know what exactly happens when you damage your phone, laptop or tablet with water or other liquid.

So what happens when you drop phone into tap water? Well, quite a few things… Even tap water has small amount of salts – NaCl and other chemicals. When salts are dissolved in water, they separate into different electrically charged atoms called ions. Salt, or sodium chloride (NaCl), breaks up into positive Na ions and negative Cl ions. If you place a battery with a negative pole and a positive pole into water, the negative ions will be attracted to the positive pole and the positive ions will be attracted to the negative pole thus creating a closed circuit. So what that means is that it is the ions that are dissolved in the water that make water conduct electricity. You now submerge any kind of powered board in the water which contains those salts, minerals etc (call it a solution) and you will short circuit any open contact. If it is off, you will be dealing with the corrosion that these impurities can cause, especially under SMD components, IC’s etc.

Sometimes quickly drying your device helps, but minerals could have short circuited the internal electronics and that can badly damage the device. Most of the time we advice to place water damaged device to bowl of rice, or even better – plastic box with silica gel packets inside (the small bags that you get with new handback, wallet, clothes etc ) so it can collect the moisture from inside of the device. Once that’s done it is advised to reach out for qualified repair shop for any liquid damage treatment regarding corrosion – which is inevitable unless you spilled purified water. Shops like us, have all necessary gear and chemicals required to remove any marks of corrosion, unless device was damaged more than month ago. Corrosion – green or grey coloured “crust” can travel through copper connectors and get inside of chips damaging them permanently. So the sooner it gets treated, the higher are chance to save it.

So far we have treated several laptops, smartphones and couple of tablets. Performing “anti corrosion” service also minimises or completely eliminates the chances for any internal components to corrode. In the picture you can see circuit board before, and after our treatment.

So, keep your devices away from water. If you had it damaged, give us a ring and we will definitely help you!

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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